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Polite & Pawfect Dog Services, LLC

Private Lessons with a Positve Approach

Polite & Pawfect Dog Services, LLC offers you professional private lessons, as well as online dog training from an ABC-DT Certified Trainer. I also offer dog walking with several different increments to suit your busy lifestyle. My goal is to support you in having a well-balanced, Pawfect pet that is calm at all times, while providing mental and physical enrichment. Programs are tailor-made with results that last!

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About Us

Professional and Time-Tested Pet Training

Dog training isn’t just about your pet. In fact, the most integral part of the training process is you. That is why I will work with you to make sure your training plan fits your lifestyle and is tailored to what you need. With practical and flexible programs, coupled with positive reinforcement to emphasize owner and dog bond, I'm here to be your one and only source for quality dog training. Polite & Pawfect is also Pawtastic if you're looking for a Dog Walker! It's nice to know you have an ABC-DT Certified Dog Trainer to aide your pets while away!

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Satisfied Owners. Happier Pets.

Success Stories

Polite & Pawfect was exactly what we were looking for! I live in Naples, FL and with my busy schedule, she made it super easy with video sessions and treatment plans! I cannot wait to see even more future improvements!

April B

Very professional and easy to work with. I loved how quick she was able to show me how to achieve exactly what I was looking for. Olaf is also very happy with his results as well!

Tiffany M

Millie used to practically pull me down on her walks and barrel out of the door. Now she's walking like an angel and politely waits at the door and she did this in minutes! So impressed!

Lois T

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions. Professional Answers.

Looking for more information about our services? Scroll below to review a collection of some of the most common questions people have asked us in the past. If you aren’t able to find what you’re looking for, please get in touch. We are here to help.

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Is my pet too old to be trained?

Nope! You can train your dog at any age as long as you are motivated and willing to learn!

What is your approach to pet training?

Polite & Pawfect uses LIMA and Humane Hierarchy methods. We use Classical Conditioning, Counter Conditioning and Operant Conditioning. In these methods we focus primarily on Positive Reinforcement, Negative Punishment (take away the fun or ignore), and Motivation (treats, toys, etc.). We never use fear or force as a motivator to elicit any behavior. My philosophy is to create a canine-human relationship using positive interactions and consistency!

Which of your services is right for me?

I have several services to offer you! Polite & Pawfect has an 8 week Obedience course, 6 week for Pawfect Puppy, 4 week Mini Boot-Camp and a 6 sessions for Basic Problem Solving Package. Maybe you don't have time or don't want to commit to a packaged lesson plan? We also offer an A La Carte option as well! Let's set up a time for a free consultation to see which one might be right for you!

How long does training take?

This depends on which program you would like. Training is also at your dog's pace. Everyone and everything learns at their own rate! Patience and consistency is very important!

How do video lessons work and why should I do them?

Video lessons are fantastic! Short on time? Wanted to schedule a visit, but you're going out of town? Maybe you have a dog experiencing fear, aggression etc. but still want the opportunity to train them? Perhaps you're concerned about germs or viruses? This is a great way to tackle any of these issues! It's safe and effective. To help; I have three wonderfully trained dogs I will use to guide you through the training process, with step by step directions!

What is Polite & Pawfet certified in?

Polite & Pawfect is certified by Animal Behavior College. We specialize in Basic Obedience, Puppy Training and Basic Problem-Solving.

What breeds of dogs do you train and how old must they be?

Everyone is welcome! All dogs of all breeds and all ages. The only exception is that puppies must be at least 3 months of age for lessons.

Why private lessons?

Private lessons are ideal for someone who prefers one on one training, flexibility for scheduling, have a particular set of behaviors they want their dog to learn or to address problem behaviors that occur only in an owner’s home or yard, such as: improper elimination, begging at the table or unruly indoor behavior. They are also beneficial for owners who need additional time to address a particular issue.

What does Dog Walking look like with Polite & Pawfect?

Do you have a pup that pulls too hard? Are they overly distracted when out for daily walks? Leash reactivity to any and all unfamiliars? Or perhaps you just want someone to help you maintain the behaviors they already know like Heel, Focus, etc. Not only can a Dog Trainer provide this level of service, but can also indicate whether your dog is stressed or even prevent a situation with a dog who may have bolted out the door off leash. Polite & Pawfect Dog Services is more than capable of handling any special needs for Fido, and has 3 different time increments to fit your busy day to day or even when you're away!

What will I receive with a training package?

You will receive weekly homework to follow; Weekly lesson plans; Step by step directions on how to shape, lure or capture new cues; As well as, how to add distances, duration and distractions to help strengthen each cue in your day to day life. Step by step treatment plans to set you and Fido up for success and tackle each basic problem. Games like “Find It”, “Hide and Seek” “Running Come Game”, “Fetch” etc. Dog signals and body postures. This way you know what to look out for not just from your dog, but other dogs as well! The most important item you receive, is even after we conclude our sessions, I will always be your dog trainer. If you ever have questions, need tips or tricks, etc. you may reach out to me whenever you need!

What type of discounts do you offer?

I have a 15% military and first responders discount. I also offer a 30% discount to any returning clients for training sessions.

When can I start?

As soon as you're ready! Contact me to set up your free consultation!

Contact Us

At Polite & Pawfect Dog Services, LLC, we strongly believe that it’s never too late to change our pet’s behavior. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. For even faster responses, you may text, email or DM me using resources below!


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Let's Focus On Fun Not Fear!

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